Beat Exam Stress naturally….

Beat Exam Stress with some or all of these methods…. Magnesium – the master mineral that is the best for de-stressing. Magnesium is best absorbed via the skin either bathe in Epsom Salts, use a Magnesium Spray or Body Lotion. We do bags of Epsom Salts from 2.45 which are naturally mined and Magnesium Oil […]

Epsom Salts – Simple Home Spa!

Epsom Salts – Spa Experience at Home! Bathing in Epsom salts is an age old remedy and one of the best, easiest and most economical ways to treat stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, water retention, aches & pains and detoxify. When combined with asphalia sleep remedy an excellent night’s sleep is almost guaranteed even for the most […]